What is a Live Casino?

Live casino is a new form of online gambling that takes the thrill of playing your favorite games on a live table with real dealers and other players, and puts it right in the comfort of your own home. You can play a range of games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker with a live dealer and a high definition video connection directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The Optical Character Recognition tech used to digitally recognise the cards dealt helps to give a more realistic, authentic experience for players who want to feel as though they’re actually on the casino floor! In addition, a chat function lets you interact with the live dealer and other players in real time.

To make a live casino work, operators need to have a good Internet connection and high-quality cameras that can capture the action at each table. They also need a Game Control Unit (GCU), which is a tiny device that encodes the video being broadcast and converts it into information that the player can see on their screen.

There are strict guidelines and regulations in place to ensure that the experience is fair, safe and secure for players. These guidelines are enforced by the government, and ensure that only serious operators run live casinos and that the results of the games are tallied by a human rather than an automatic system.

These strict rules ensure that all dealers at a live casino are trained to be professional and knowledgeable about the game they’re playing. They also monitor their performance by using a smart card that enables them to keep track of all bets placed by players.

Having high-quality cameras, well-trained dealers and rigid regulation makes live casinos an ideal option for players who want to get a real feel of the casino without leaving their house! Some top casino games developers like Evolution Gaming use state-of-the-art studios that mimic the environment of a brick and mortar casino.

Cameras are a big part of the live streaming experience, and they are used by both dealers and players alike to get a clear picture of the action at the table. This is crucial as it means that players can easily see their bets on the table and know when they win or lose.

The GCU is the key to a successful live casino, and it’s no wonder that it’s such an integral part of the experience. The small device that’s attached to each table is no bigger than a shoebox, and its job is to translate the video into a format that players can see.

A GCU is also able to detect the number of winning bets and the number of losing bets made by the dealer. This helps to ensure that players don’t get caught out, and it also allows them to see whether or not they’ve lost their bets in real time, enabling them to make changes before the dealer makes any decisions about how much to give away.